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How did Henry VIII use sex and power to secure his legacy?
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She suffered through false pregnancies that gave her hope that she could secure her dynasty, but only allowed her ambitious husband, Philip II of Spain, more power over the nation. It is thought she died of ovarian cysts or uterine cancer. Elizabeth I is one of the most exalted queens in British history. Her long, glorious reign saw Britain colonize the new world, repel invasion from Spain, and birth a robust artistic culture. However, it was not without tons of drama. When James I ascended to the throne…well, it was weird.

The Ultimate Guide To Tudor Swag

Elizabeth even sentenced Mary to death! So, you could say it was awkward city when the Scottish James took the throne. Both Mary and James were often the center of dangerous plots involving spies, revolts, and even terrorism. Email Sign Up. By clicking above you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. More Options.

History vs. Henry VIII - Mark Robinson and Alex Gendler

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Peter, like his ancestors, left nothing to the imagination when it came to swift and brutal justice, repression and even terror. However, he was more than this. He vastly expanded Russia to the East and her territorial claims included parts of the Ottoman lands and Sweden.

He toured Europe, bringing the best minds and science to a backward people, he built a navy and turned the army into a modern fighting force, which was well equipped and well supplied, he built harbours, vast Imperial cities, such as Saint Petersburg and wonderful palaces. However, he did so at a great cost to his people and with a great death toll. He put down the Steltzie rebellion with brutal totality. He also made a modern spy and police force and many of the institutions and reforms of the time were to last to the present day.

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He was ruthless and cruel, but he was rightly called Great. Catherine took the throne on her own account, murdered her husband and son and expanded Russia yet again. She reformed education and extended it to women, was a champion of the arts and reformed the army. However, she too was ruthless and caused scandal, but was also called Great. Rameses was not a great general, but he was a builder and made allies with Egyptian enemies. He was no better or worse than any other Pharaoh but he lived until he was 96 and reigned over 75 years and was called Great.

Genghis Khan was notoriously cruel and extermination of peasants and populations, but to his people he was a great and wise ruler.

Eltham Palace, Greenwich: King Henry VIII's boyhood home

He was feared as a conqueror but he is considered Great as he more than that. He united warring tribes into one great nation, expanding the Empire in all four directions, he was a law giver, he brought artisans from every conquered people, he built, he reformed and he was revered.

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Charlemagne is honoured almost as a saint but he could be as ruthless as any, particularly in dealing with the Saxons, was a patron of learning and the arts and defender of Christianity. He too is called Great as his name suggests. Alfred was called Great for similar reasons to Charlemagne as a Law Giving King and the man who saw of the Vikings, but he too had his faults.

He actually merely paid them off, although he did win a great victory against them. He was also ruthless in war and not a man of mercy. All of these are as bad, if not worse than Henry Viii, save maybe the latter, but he is called monster and tyrant, not Great. Great Monarchs are not gentle, they are all ruthless and have a reputation for swift justice.

Henry V and Edward iii are praised for conquering parts of France and for being strong, but they both committed atrocities in war and left England with children as Kings. Mary probably did as well, but she had little money to inherit in the first place. Yet she did build three huge state of the art battle ships, that were copied by Elizabeth as prototypes, she reformed the economy and made female Queenship accepted and respected.

She took advice, but her own strength was the secret of her long and reasonably successful reign.

Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII’s love story is the ultimate tragic soap opera | Guide

Yes, the young Elizabeth gives a true picture of how she may look. The older Elizabeth probably lost part of her looks in when she had smallpox, for after that she had this white powder on her face. This took years. Henry went to amazing lengths to rid himself of Catherine and make Anne his new queen.

Unable to persuade the Pope to grant him an annulment, Henry broke with the Holy Roman Church, sparked the Reformation and declared himself the head of the Church of England. When he was 44, Henry had a jousting accident that permanently injured one of his legs. Unable to exercise, he gained weight. Poor circulation led to leg sores that bothered him the rest of his life. After the fall, Henry lost consciousness for two hours, leading to speculation he suffered a brain injury that irrevocably changed his personality. Almost immediately, Henry turned away from Anne.

Informed she should prepare for his death, Anne suffered a miscarriage. The baby was a boy and Henry saw this as evidence his union with Anne was cursed. He began looking for ways to get out of it. While Henry swore in his love letters to Anne that he would never look at another woman, his once passionate love for Anne turned to hate overnight.

Historical accounts suggest Anne physically attacked Jane on more than one occasion as she fought to hold onto her man. But what would it look like to England and the world if he divorced Anne, the woman he had caused all that fuss over in the first place. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

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