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Smashwords – About Lisa Worrall, author of 'Halfway House', 'Perkatory', 'Finding Myles', etc.

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US UK. Thank you for subscribing! The 2nd Battalion, Royal Scots were assigned to the western sector. Royal Scots were reassigned to the Wanchai Filter Beds. Campaigns in South-East Asia, Despite being subjected to dive bombing and heavy mortar fire, the Rajputs succeeded in holding Devil's Peak on the mainland until ordered to retreat across Lyemun Strait to Hong Kong island.

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The first troops to engage them were the Rajputs who continued to offer resistance until the regiment virtually ceased to exist. Maltby's war despatch London Gazette No. Total battle casualties of "Indian Other Ranks" is given to be out of a total of military personnel from India who were garrisoned in Hong Kong. Hong Kong and Singapore Royal Artillery, which was raised with troops recruited from Undivided India, also suffered heavy casualties during the Battle of Hong Kong and are commemorated with names inscribed on panels at the entrance to Sai Wan War Cemetery: killed, 45 missing and wounded.

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In late , the British government accepted an offer by the Canadian Government to send a battalion of the Royal Rifles of Canada from Quebec and one of the Winnipeg Grenadiers from Manitoba and a brigade headquarters 1, personnel to reinforce the Hong Kong garrison. A total of 96 officers, two Auxiliary Services supervisors and 1, other ranks disembarked. Included were two medical officers and two nurses supernumerary to the regimental medical officers , two Canadian Dental Corps officers with assistants, three chaplains and a detachment of the Canadian Postal Corps.

Few Canadian soldiers had field experience, but were near fully equipped, except for having only two anti-tank rifles and no ammunition for 2-inch and 3-inch mortars or for signal pistols, deficiencies which the British undertook to remedy in Hong Kong, although not at once. Commanding officer, Major Giles RM instructed his men to defend the island "to the last man and last round". Working with the British police, Chak organized pro-British agents among the population and rooted out triad factions sympathetic to the Japanese. On Christmas morning, Young informed Chak of his intent to surrender.

Chak intended to break out and was given command of the five remaining Motor Torpedo Boats ; 68 men, including Chak, Hsu, and David Mercer MacDougall were successfully evacuated to Mirs Bay where they contacted Communist guerrillas and were escorted to Huizhou. The Japanese attack began shortly after on 8 December Hong Kong Time , four hours after the Attack on Pearl Harbor difference in time and date is due to the day shift that occurs because of the International date line.

The colony had no significant air defence. Hong Kong also lacked adequate naval defences. Three destroyers were to withdraw to Singapore Naval Base. The attack also destroyed several civil aircraft including all but two of the aircraft used by the air unit of the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corp. The RAF and air unit personnel from then fought on as ground troops.

The Commonwealth forces decided against holding the Sham Chun River and instead established three battalions on the Gin Drinkers' Line across the hills. As much as possible, military and harbour facilities were demolished before the withdrawal. Maltby organised the defence of the island, splitting it between an East Brigade and a West Brigade. On 15 December, the Japanese began systematic bombardment of the island's North Shore.