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  1. Renewing the original call to be a spiritual leader
  2. Eight Very Difficult Ministry Situations for Pastors
  3. Hard times at Harvest | WORLD News Group

So, how do we cope in these difficult times when we are feeling under enormous stress? Here are some pointers:. Oh, how I wish I could promise that if you follow these 15 steps you will have a long and healthy ministry in the hard places! These things have helped me, and I pray they will help you, too. Keep going and keep trusting in the Lord. He is our strength. He spent four years working with street children in Brazil and planted the Good News Church. He is the director of 20Schemes, a church planting and revitalization initiative in Scotland. Mez is married to Miriam and has two daughters, Keziah and Lydia.

Main Menu. God loved me, accepted me, and for gave me. God chose to use me despite my struggles and failures. I believe that God will help all of us to get real, if we bring our whole self to Him. Though I did not at first write my confession to God, I have since found an enormous value in writing it.

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Insight often comes in the act of writing. This does not come by only mentally rehashing your life. Besides, when you write your confession, you have an enduring record before you. So consider writing your confession, even if you burn it when you have finished. Recently, I have written a thorough confession of my life. At my age there are many reasons to place my whole life before God. Most of us have been admonished to listen to God, but no one has ever told us "how" to listen for God.

In addition to this lack of direction, many of us were trained in seminaries that looked with suspicion upon those who claimed that God spoke to them. Recently, a woman shared her experience with me. I went into the ministry because God called me in a rather unusual way. However, I never spoke about this call with my seminary professors because I feared that they would think I was crazy.

I felt relieved when I discovered that you, a seminary professor, believe that God still speaks to us.

Even if you have not faced rejection for believing God speaks to us, I imagine that you would welcome hearing about ways to listen for God. First , still your body and your mind. In the stillness begin to muse over the questions of your life.

Renewing the original call to be a spiritual leader

Write the questions that interest or trouble you. Begin with the hard ones. Write each of these in a notebook or journal.

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  • When the first eruption of questions slows down and it appears that there are no more, muse over your relationships and notice the questions that arise. What are the questions that come to you regarding your family? Move on to the congregation, the government, the war, and the injustices in the world. When you have exhausted your questions, lay your pen down and be present to the questions on your list. Don't try to answer the questions; simply be present to them.

    Spend as much time as you need. I invite you to trust that God is in your questions. As you muse over them, you are likely to hear God speak. Second , move into the deep stillness of your soul and ask the question: God, what would You say to me? Put your pen to the paper and begin to write. Don't think ahead for an answer. Catch the words as they bubble up from your deeper self. Try not to think about what God ought to say or what you wish God to say. Simply write what comes to you.

    This is a right-brain activity, so let the words present themselves to you. Be playful and delight in the experience. Third , when you have exhausted your writing, you may keep the flow moving by asking, "What else would You say to me? Wisdom, insight, and inspiration will come forth that will shock you.

    Fourth , evaluate what you have written. I believe two things about this way of writing. First, God does not dictate what I write and second, what I write is not nonsense. I believe that God is in the writing. So, I reread what I have written to discern what God has said to me. When I listen for God in this fashion, I generally have greater clarity, a sense of direction, and the conviction that I am not alone in my struggle.

    If I find in the writing something that disturbs me, I ask a spiritual friend for evaluation and guidance. My idea of a spiritual friend is a person with whom I can talk, a per son who not only listens but also offers spiritual discernment. This person may be older or younger; wisdom is not a monopoly of the mature.

    Eight Very Difficult Ministry Situations for Pastors

    Some younger persons seem to discern the ways of the Spirit more keenly than older ones do. I think this has to do with spiritual gifts and the maturity of the person regard less of age. Be sure to find someone whom you can trust. Decide on a time and place and the frequency of meeting. Meeting monthly works fine. A spiritual friend may be only for your guidance, or it may be a mutual experience. If it works out that you are to be listeners and discerners for one another, a short break between the times of sharing will help you change roles and thus have a better experience.

    If you set up a mutual spiritual friendship, a workable plan would be for one person to share, receive questions and feedback, and be prayed for. After a short break, change roles and repeat the process. In this brief article I have endeavored to share two things with you—my own struggles to survive as a minister and spiritual leader, and a few discoveries that have come out of them. I have passed these discoveries on to you with the hope that some of them will be of help to you in hard times. If you desire to share your story with me, I welcome the opportunity to hear it.

    I will join you in prayer, and I always answer my mail bjohnl aol. Box , Pittsburgh, PA Or online: bookorders vitalfaithresources. Renewing the original call to be a spiritual leader A major part of the answer lies in the recovery of a profound sense of who we are; a realization of who called us to this task and the important role that we fill in Christ's body and in His world.

    Pastor Chris Teaching: How to Walk Through Any Tough Times with Prevailing Faith

    My own hard times Christ became a real presence in my life when I was 17 years old. A way to God I recently asked a minister friend what his greatest struggle had been.

    Hard times at Harvest | WORLD News Group

    Here is the form of prayer that I rigorously followed: In the morning Be still. Find a quiet place. Get seat ed comfortably. Take a few deep breaths. Call their names in God's presence, asking God to fulfill their needs. Picture each person in the trans forming presence of God. If the only time you can praise God is in the Promised Land, you have a problem.

    You need to praise Him in the wilderness. See Exodus Be determined to trust God. We all want good things to happen in our lives, but too often we want it now And when God seems to be taking too long, how do we keep from getting frustrated or giving up? Here's how to find rest and peace.

    Joyce Meyer discusses the incredible role of the Holy Spirit, Who wants to help, lead and guide us through life. At any time you can unsubscribe and remove your consent. We respect your privacy. Your email will not be shared. Don't have an account?

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