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The idea of this exercise is to explore your thoughts. For more on exploring your thoughts and emotions click here. Think of a subject. This works well if you choose a subject that you feel negative over at the moment. Be honest with yourself.

Esther then suggests another statement, amplifying the first one. I used this process when I was having some negativity around my late fiance him that was indoors, bless him. So the idea now is that you think of another thought on the same subject you make a statement to yourself, which I will quote from the book Ask and it is Given.

Now continue to write thoughts down, but as you do so, look at each thought. So, I hope these true examples of mine, help to show how the process worked. I remember doing this, and at the end of it, I felt so much better on the subject. And when you take the limitations of time and dollars out of the equation, and you trust that the Universe will conspire to satisfy every idea that you can conjure up, then you let yourself rip. Anyone that has emotions ranging from number 8 to 17 on the emotional scale.

Abraham Hicks🌀-The secret to always have the highest vibration

This is a great process to use if you have a lot of resistance over a subject in your life, for example, money. When you have resistance you are sending out negative vibrations and attracting back more of the same. Remember that if you have negative emotions over something then you will also be aware of what it is that you do want. There is always the other end of the subject.

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  • The idea of this process is to find statements that give you a better feeling and a sense of relief. Then when you have found a matching thought, to focus on it, enjoy it and as Esther says, milk it. Let more feelings amplify from this first feeling. If your thoughts wander to something that feels good, then enjoy those feelings too.


    Esther Hicks Quotations (TOP of ) | QuoteTab

    Abraham says that if you can find a good feeling thought, and hold it for at least 17 seconds, then more, similar thoughts will join them. This helps you move into a cycle of positivity instead of a cycle of negativity. The book then says to close your eyes and focus on the reason for doing the focus wheel in the first place.

    In other words what you are desiring. Write this in the circle in the centre. Next, you are going to start thinking of statements that you can write around the circle like a clock. If they make you feel less than good, i. So think of a statement, and then straight away assess how you feel about that statement. Does it belong in the circle? This statement gives hope and optimism.

    A Critique of Abraham Hicks & the Law of Attraction

    So once you have the first statement that makes you feel good, write in at the number 12 place on the clock. Hold onto the feeling that it gives you as you start to think of another statement. Again once you have one, then write it where number 1 is on a clock. So, to start this you may find it a little slow, but as you start working your way around the circle, then you will find it get a bit quicker.

    The Law of Attraction Is A Con

    You have ended up with your last statement matching the desire in the circle in the middle. And how do you know you have found one? Because you feel a sense of relief. In other words, the statement soothes you; the statement just feels a little better. They are general statements that you already believe, that match your desire. Anyone that has emotions ranging from number 10 to 22 on the emotional scale.

    This is a great process to do if you have debt, and it bothers you. Quite usual in that case. By doing this process you will feel a sense of relief over your debt, more in control , and start to see a better flow of money in your life. This is one that can be written on a notepad with columns, or even on a spreadsheet, or something similar.

    The idea here, and it works, is that for everything positive you do towards your debt, you are releasing some resistance, and allowing your vibrations to shift. This shift in vibrations, helps you go slowly but steadily back up the ladder rungs on the scale of emotions. As you go through these shifts, you will find that your attitude to money, in general, will also shift — for the better.

    If you can just accept it, and shift your vibes about it, the debt will no longer be a problem for you. No matter how bad it seemed in the first place. As you feel even the slightest bit of pride for keeping your word, your vibration willl shift.

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    As you keep your promise about doubling up on your payments, your vibration will shift. And with this shift, even if it is slight, things will begin to change in your financial condition. So finding a way to think about it and feel good is your work. But it is equally effective to think about anything else and feel good — and let it in.

    Shocking & Disturbing Statements by Abraham Hicks

    You do not have to think about money in order to let in money. So we are at the end. A long post, but some brilliant processes from Esther there for you to try out. There is something there either in this post or in post one , which has the first 3 writing processes in for everyone, no matter where you are on the emotional scale.

    Well, thank you if you have got the bottom and taken the time out of your life to sit and read through this post. Writing is an extremely powerful way to enhance the law of attraction and to raise up your vibes. As I have said over and over in the post, each process helps to raise your vibes, move you up a rung or two on the emotional ladder. Once you are further up the ladder, the better your life will become. Not only will you feel happier than you were previously, but you will also then be sending out much happier and positive vibes.

    And what do positive vibes mean? Yep, you have released any resistance to your desires flowing to you, and manifestations will start to happen around you.

    Ask and It Is Given, Volume 1

    These manifestations will be the result of deliberate focus, thought, attention and vibes, which the law of attraction responds to. The better you feel the better your life. The better your life the better you feel. If you found this post was useful please consider sharing it for me. There are buttons right at the end of the post. Thank you!