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Bill: When we started this, our act was maybe too aggressive. Sam: It was. There was one show where we sort of peaked in our absurdism.

Citizen science: People power

And there would be another 20 minutes of our set. And for the rest of the show we would both have our own sort of breakdown, and we tried to put an emotional arc into the show where I become a vagrant on the street and I sell my guitar. Bill: Right. We were trying to convey all this completely through just us singing on stage. We basically took Triple Crown hostage for an hour. I mean, if you could imagine a UCB version of Brecht , that was the vibe that we put out there. How do you guys go about collaborating on song concepts? Sam: And once in a while I worm my way out of the gimp suit and then we collaborate quite nicely.

And I also think we write a song from a more musical perspective than a lot of comedy musicians do. Or vice-versa.

Why do crystals work?

Bill: We kind of knew that we had something that we both really enjoyed. It becomes a completely different song.

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And then instead of returning to the original song, it becomes yet another different song before coming back to the original premise. I remember the first time we performed it at the Highlarious Comedy Festival in Seattle. We barely had time to practice it, but we managed to execute it for the most part without a hitch.

Our goal was to get as far away from that as possible. So we go boyband to metal to alternative new wave, back to boyband. Have you ever had everything go horribly wrong? Early on we played a lot of nightmare gigs. There was one point very early on in that very aggressively absurd period in our career, where we were booked to do a benefit for starvation in Swaziland… That was a huge mistake.

We were, at that time, basically just a very mean, aggressive cover act that would say these very dark things to each other and to the audience. So again, no original songs at this point, we just did covers. So it was kinda like a standup duo with a guitar, almost. Sam: It was kind of like The Muppet Show in that the music was done in earnest, but it was done in a context that was ridiculous.

We had this bit and Bill had this line—. Bill: Well, we were talking about… Activia? Sam: Yes. This was the same bit where I talk about Activia for a while. Oh God. Bill: Yeah. Sam: We used to be a very alt-y act. Bill: Halfway through that bit at the Swaziland benefit I stopped. Bill: But I just barely stopped. Was there any fallout from that with whoever booked the gig?

Harnessing the Power of the Absurd with Musical Comedy Duo Sam & Bill

Sam: The gig really just ended with us taking a very awkward trip to the snack table, which was how we were paid. We were paid in cold cut sandwiches. So we just had a very sort of awkward stand at the table, assembling sandwiches next to, like, a violinist who composed an original piece on starvation. Bill: And all this happened just because you were emailed out of the blue by a contact who knew about your stuff and just—.

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Sam: This might have been one of the first gigs that we were really booked on. A hell of a start. Have you gotten any negative feedback in either direction about that?

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Sam: Not really. Sam: I had a friend who played the album for a sort of a Libertarian friend of his who loved the album, and then despised that song. Bill: But again, that was in our aggressively absurd period. I feel like one of the most uncomfortable things, and I say this as a person who enjoys comedy and crowd work, but I think one of the most uncomfortable things ever is couple crowd work.

So, we decided to buy into that and make a love song for a couple in the audience that would potentially break them up. And at least on one occasion, it has actually done that.

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Sam: I think, in this particular case, it was probably a Tinder date or something, you know. And we just poke it. There has been a notable interest in this subject and some vey good questions have been asked. It is only fair to present the questions and replies here. Question: What required to achieve the solar capacity factors discussed in this proposal?

In fact this low number is an artificial byproduct of the choice of installation site. Most small installations are done on roof tops in Europe Germany in particular and United States. The distribution of solar flux has a strong dependence on Latitude. On top of that, in these regions, a significant portion of the year has cloudy and rainy days further reducing net available power. It is conceivable a major undertaking in solar industrial-scale production will take advantage of vast available equatorial lands.

Disadvantages of Wind Energy

The site proposed here as an example in African Sahara is on the Equator and there are very few if any cloudy days per year. The Saharan desert land is inexpensive and mostly unused and as such readily available for utilization. Question: What is required to achieve the solar costs discussed in this proposal? There are additional costs for panel installation and inverters.

There are two main factors that need to be considered in this regard. First the current economy is based on third-party suppliers such as panels made by ChinEde manufacturers. For an utility installing terawatts of power, there is little reason to buy from third parties and enrich the manufacturers. If Chinese panel suppliers want to profit from this venture they need to be part investors and supply the panels at cost and make their profits from sale of the power not panels.

As far as the inverter costs, note that the main use of fossil energy in the world is not for electricity generation. Fossil fuels are used for running automobiles, heating houses, propulsion and other industrial uses. It is conceivable that the main use of a large scale solar facility such as above that displaces all other generation in the world is in producing environmentally-friendly fuels such as hydrogen. Hydrogen can be produced by electrolysis of water and the solar DC power is readily usable for electrolysis without a need for inverters.

Once hydrogen is produced, it can be transported by pipelines and tankers to four corners of the world as fuel for cars, factories, home heating and so on. Large scale reusable batteries can also be made from zirconium and titanium that will store hydrogen in the safe solid:-D form. Finally, any costs such as this are infrastructure costs not energy costs.

harness | meaning of harness in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE

Currently we do not count the cost of making highways and tankers and high-voltage transmission lines as a part of the cost of the fuel. Those are costs any civilization will bear to bring comfort to its citizens be it the source of power be solar, fossil or nuclear. Question: Are there any other environmental concerns with the use of either nuclear or solar energy that should be considered alongside global warming?

Question: Are there any concerns with damaging the desert ecosystem when using the deserts as solar production farms? The longer they stay and produce, the more college debt gets paid by the business. This would help a business to lock-in talent, while helping the Gen Y worker establish greater financial security.